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The Team Owner is the person with whom we conclude the contract – and who (as a consequence) is responsible for transferring all fees related to using our platform. [As this is always the case with SaaS tools].

It is up to the Team Owner whether (s)he would like to actively create and run projects or whether (s)he “only” wants to participate in the challenges of other users. Alternatively, the Team Owner may also interpret his or her role rather passively and assign third parties to manage the account. The assignee then organizes and carries out the projects on the behalf of the Team Owner. Possible candidates could be, for example, the Chief Innovation Officer, the various department heads, personal assistants, or any other employee who wants to promote the concept of systematically managing innovative ideas in your company. If that is the case, the Team Owner would only become active again when the subscription a) expires and needs to be extended, or b) has to be upgraded to include even more employees in your company’s new suggestion scheme.

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