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Evulu is an all-in-one platform for your remote team to collectively work on relevant problems, generate ideas on how to solve them, evaluate the submitted suggestions and see the results in a final report.


Goal-driven Design

With Evulu, you can master the most important challenges in managing innovation.

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Before creating a challenge

With Evulu, you can translate the results of your user research into personas, user journeys, experience maps, and service blueprints.


Persona Generator

Develop key personas for your projects to ensure your organization is user-centric.


Journey Generator

Describe your customers’ experience journey, identify relevant pain points and use them as a starting point for your next challenges.

When setting up a challenge

You can either create your own idea campaigns or choose from a list of 100 pre-defined and ready-to-use challenges.


Blanco Challenges

Start your own project from scratch.


100 Ready-to-use Challenges

These relate to both functional and cross-functional topics such as Marketing, Sales, but also Diversity & Inclusion, Gender Equality, and many more. Most recently, we translated the 17 Sustainable Development Goals stated by the UN into so-called “Impact Challenges”. With this, we want to help our clients initiate projects with a social/ecological focus – and thus do good.



Our processes are no one-way streets with unknown destinations but clearly structured with defined dates.



Evulu is suitable for integrating all parties relevant to the success of your project – including both internal and external stakeholders.

When creating an idea

We support you in the creative process. Here you can see an overview of selected features we offer you:


Idea collection

With Evulu, you offer every participant the opportunity to submit their suggestions for solving defined problems.


Chatbot support

Eva, our bot consultant, supports you in the creative process and helps you develop innovative ideas.


You can tag the people you worked with during a challenge.


Comment / Feedback function

Use our comment feature to get important feedback and help other users optimize their ideas.

During the evaluation process

In the evaluation phase, all ideas are assessed against project-related criteria.


Criteria-based assessment

Decisions based on gut feeling alone? Not with us. Evulu allows you to make a muti-dimensional evaluation of all submitted ideas. This way, you’ll know which ideas really have the most potential.


Stop and come back at any time

You can interrupt the evaluation process at any time and come back at a later time of this stage.

After the evaluation process

At the end of the evaluation phase, you will receive a report showing you which ideas have the greatest potential for success, which impulses caused the greatest divergence among the judges, and much more. The results can then be refined and translated into action plans.



The report contains rankings, statistics, etc., and serves as a good basis for further project implementation.



Before you put your ideas into action, you have the opportunity to refine them first and explore aspects such as their strategy fit, idea market fit, and more.


Action Planning

At the end of the ideation process, the top-rated and optimized ideas can be translated into concrete action plans. Here, we offer you the option to either define milestones and to do’s or objectives, key results, and initiatives (OKRs).



Action plans can either be implemented directly with Evulu, or downloaded and uploaded to the project management tool of your choice.


In our stats center, we analyze the raw data generated throughout your challenges and turn them into insights that will help you learn from former projects and successfully run upcoming ones.

Challenge-based statistics

This section of our tool is very much about finding patterns so that you can make faster and better decisions on how to improve your company’s innovation efforts.

Comparative statistics between challenges

You also have the possibility to compare the statistics of specific challenges with the average across all challenges.


Through various measures, we encourage and motivate your employees to actively participate in idea development and evaluation.



You have the option of linking your challenges to specific prices. These can be freely determined or selected from a list defined by us.



Our leaderboards show which users have been most active in the challenges you have initiated.

Safety Features

We are aware of your security concerns regarding the handling of ideas and take this issue very seriously.

Ghost Modus

We offer you the possibility to protect yourself as an author but also the content of your ideas from access by unauthorized persons.



We use a service from Google that helps protect apps and websites from spam and abuse. A “CAPTCHA” is a Turing test to tell humans and bots apart.



SSL is the standard technology for keeping an internet connection secure and safeguarding any sensitive data that is being sent between two systems, preventing unauthorized persons from reading and modifying any information transferred, including potential personal details.


Server in Germany

Our servers are located in Germany and meet all security requirements.


Other exciting features are:

Advanced Filtering

Our filters allow you to quickly find all the information relevant to you.


We have compiled innovation-relevant information (e.g. on selected creative techniques) in our Wiki.


Our guides will help you find your way around our platform as quickly as possible.

HowTo Guide

In our HowTo-Guide you can search for special areas / topics relevant to you.


Of course we will support you whenever you have a question or a problem.


We are happy to onboard your entire team and empower you to get the most out of Evulu.

Code of Commitment

We promise to always put you – the users of Evulu – first as we continue to develop our platform.


In our offline/online workshops, we teach you numerous creativity techniques and help you work on tasks that are relevant to you.

Responsive Design

All features are fully responsive, so visitors can use our platform and work on their projects with the device of their choice.

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Faster. Better

Comparative studies have shown that Evulu helps you shorten the overall duration of innovation projects by an average of 37 days.

4 years ago, Daniel and I decided to develop a tool that would help companies run innovation projects and achieve their corporate goals – faster. This is when Evulu was born.

Jan Kristof Arndt
Co-Founder Evulu

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