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When someone creates a challenge, they automatically become its Owner. As such, they have the opportunity to appoint selected participants as Managers so that they can relieve them of operational efforts and, for example, invite members to participate in the idea development and/or evaluation phase of a challenge.

Of course, the Owner can actively participate in any process phase. Irrespective of this, at the end of the evaluation phase, the Owner must weigh the criteria (s)he has chosen according to the objectives pursued. If, for example, (s)he wants to increase the satisfaction level of his or her employees, then this criterion should of course be given a higher weighting. However, it is not enough to focus solely on this aspect. Ideas should always be reviewed from different perspectives.

In addition, the Owner can determine what to include in the final report. Here we offer various options such as the TOP X of the submitted ideas, challenge-related statistics, a list of all participants, and much more. The selection should be well considered. Is it really necessary to list all ideas developed – no matter their rating? For environmental reasons alone, we say no. Actually, it should be sufficient to include the Top 10%. But the decision on this is solely up to the Challenge Owner.

Basically, any registered user can create a challenge. In this way, a company’s idea management system can become truly dynamic.

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