Assessing ideas against relevant criteria

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Of course, the Challenge Owner has the option to initiate the start of the evaluation phase manually (as with all other phases, too). Otherwise, our system will do so in accordance with the information provided in the project definition phase.

Before you start evaluating the submitted ideas, it makes sense to reread the challenge description and think about why this project was started in the first place and what purpose was pursued.

You can then start evaluating.

There is no “First Come – First Serve”. Otherwise, the ideas submitted at the beginning of Phase 1 would probably be evaluated more often than others, which could potentially dilute the results. Therefore, the ideas will be displayed in random order.

The focus of this phase is on the evaluation criteria defined by the Challenge Owner, e.g. the feasibility, desirability and viability. On a scale from 1 to 10, the judges determine to what extent these criteria apply to the submitted ideas. At the end of this process, our system summarizes all of the judges’ ratings. This results in the data needed to create the final report.

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