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People tend to think in routines. They try to benefit from their experiences and often simply confirm what they have learned at some point in their lives. This is not because of any bad intentions, but because their whole system is designed to get better at what they already know – in other words, to save effort and reach their goals faster. This is a biological necessity. If we had to reinvent the wheel every day, we would not make any progress.

Perfecting what we are used to was once a good strategy. But the markets are now so dynamic that this very attitude makes one fall behind in the competition. Those who do not want to change are the first to be pushed to the edge of their industry. And sometimes even beyond.

Attack is the best defense. Isn’t that what they say? Only those who are willing to question their routines can become the pacemaker of their industry.

Of course, innovation projects can be carried out analogously. But that often takes a lot of time. Alternatively, you can set up an online challenge and ask selected people to develop solutions to a specific problem – something that is relevant to your and your company’s success. To find out which of these ideas have the greatest potential, you should use relevant criteria. This is where Evulu can be of great help.

Do not leave your success to chance – manage your ideas

Idea management tools help you unlock the creative potential of all your employees, to develop innovative ideas in a targeted manner and thus significantly improve your prospects for the future.

I don’t want to bore you with the idea that time is money – especially not since this motto has already led to many hasty decisions. And yet time is a critical factor in the realization of innovation projects. Companies have often been outperformed in the development of new products because they took too long to present their ideas to the market.

If the implementation of innovations follows a clearly defined process, you will solve a problem much faster. This is exactly where Evulu’s strength lies. The coordinated sequence of all process phases leads to well-founded decisions that can be justified to both your co-workers and your superiors.

Of course, such technical tools cannot produce good ideas at the push of a button. That may come in the future, who knows? But they can help you and your team develop relevant solutions to relevant problems. And this is a real trump card if you not only want to survive the cut-throat competition in your market, but also want to emerge as a winner from it.

Our solution

With Evulu we have created an instrument that helps you react quickly and efficiently to changes. Our price model is very flexible, allowing companies of all sizes to benefit from our SaaS platform and optimize their idea development processes.

To make your decision easier, we offer you a free test phase of 14 days and various aids, including tips and tricks on …

  • formulating innovation-related tasks
  • selecting the right participants
  • determining the right evaluation criteria
  • generating creative ideas
  • and many things more … you will see. 😉

Evulu creates certainty in times of uncertainty; and this is an important asset. The tool can be used in any industry. Just give it a try.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to getting to know you.

Many greetings,

Krist°f / Co-Founder Evulu

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